The Chief Patron and Plenary Speakers

Prof. Valeriu Gabriel GHICA, Ph.D.

National University of Science and Technology Bucharest, Romania

Plenary Speaker


Prof. Dr. Eng. Valeriu Gabriel Ghica graduated from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest, Faculty of Metallurgy, Specialization in Extractive Metallurgy in 1982, with a grade of 10 in the diploma exam. He followed the Post-University course _ High Precision Nuclear Analyzes (1987 – 1988). He worked for 2 years in the car industry (Dacia Mioveni) and the aeronautical industry (ICPPFTA Bucharest I). For 10 years he worked in research (Scientific Researcher) as Head of the Nuclear Electron Microscopy Unit and from 1995 he transferred to higher education where he was: Lector, Associate Professor, Professor (2016). From 07.06.2016, he was granted the habilitation certificate in the field of doctoral university studies in Materials Engineering. Prof. Ghica Valeriu Gabriel, is a holder professor of the POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest, Faculty of Materials Science, Department of Engineering and Management of Obtaining Metallic Materials; he is a member of the Faculty Council, Member of the Doctoral School Council - Materials Science and Engineering, Head of the Hydrometallurgy Laboratory.


Prof. Valeriu Gabriel GHICA is the author of 12 books and specialized guidance (non-ferrous metallurgy), 40 ISI articles; 33 in ISI Listed Journals, of which 18 ISI journals with an Impact Factor of at least 1.Prof. Valeriu Gabriel GHICA was Director of 8 National Scientific Research Contracts and partner in 24 others and Director of 2 International Research Contracts. 



"5th International Conference on Central European Critical Infrastructure Protection" Brief introduction and purpose of the conference.
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