The Chief Patron and Plenary Speakers

Prof. Marcin Adamiak, DSc. PhD.

Faculty of Mechanical EngineeringLaboratory of Materials Reserch, Gliwice, Poland

Plenary Speaker


Prof. Marcin Adamiak, DSc., PhD., Eng. was born on 7 June 1968 in Sanok, Poland. He graduated from the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice in 1993. He completed his PhD thesis in the field of materials science in 1997. Permanently, since 1993, he works at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice.

His scientific interests include materials science and materials engineering, within the specialization: metal and non-metal engineering materials (metals, polymers, ceramics, and composites), biomedical and dental engineering, gradient technologies and materials, engineering materials manufacturing and processing technologies, , powder metallurgy, surface engineering, including PVD and CVD coatings, as well as laser treatment and micro texturing.

Since 2017 Prof. Marcin Adamiak was a Deputy Director of the Institute of Engineering Materials and Biomaterials of the Silesian University of Technology, and simultaneously – since 2014 – the Head of the Division of Biomaterials Engineering. His scientific output includes more than 180 scientific publications, in international journals and in scientific conference proceedings of worldwide range.

From 1st of October 2019 he is the Head of Laboratory of Materials Research of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.


"5th International Conference on Central European Critical Infrastructure Protection" Brief introduction and purpose of the conference.
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