The Chief Patron and Plenary Speakers

Prof. László KOVÁCS, DSc

Ludovika University of Public Service, Hungary

Plenary Speaker



László Kovács is a full university professor at the Ludovika University of Public Service. He has been involved in electronic warfare, information operations and cyber warfare for over twenty-five years. In addition to university education, as a scientific researcher, he conducts research in the fields of cyberwarfare, information terrorism, and the protection of critical information infrastructures. In September 2020, he was awarded the title of Doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences with his dissertation on cyber security strategies. Between 2019 and 2023, he was the Cyber Defense Inspector of the Command of the Hungarian Defense Forces and then the Commander of the Cyber Operations Command of the Hungarian Defense Forces. His main task was the management of the cyber defense and cyber operations of the Hungarian Armed Forces, as well as the development of its organizations. He is currently the vice rector for academic affairs of the Ludovika University of Public Service.






"5th International Conference on Central European Critical Infrastructure Protection" Brief introduction and purpose of the conference.
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