The Chief Patron and Plenary Speakers


Director,Subotica Tech - College of Applied Sciences, Serbia

Plenary Speaker


Igor Fürstner was born on September 24, 1971. He earned his PhD degree in 2013 within the realm of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. His primary areas of expertise encompass Integrated Product Development and Mechatronics, although he is also engaged in the field of Management. Since 1998, he has been in the employ of Subotica Tech College of Applied Sciences. Furthermore, he assumed the position of College Director in 2016. Since 2014, he has also held a position at Óbuda University.

Over the recent years, he has actively participated in numerous collaborations with enterprises specializing in Product and Service Development. Additionally, he has taken on the role of Project Coordinator for four Interreg Cross Border Projects (HU-SRB), as well as various Tempus Capacity Building initiatives. Notably, Igor Fürstner has delivered lectures at various universities as part of Erasmus and CEEPUS mobility programs. He has contributed both as an author and coauthor to numerous scholarly papers published in academic journals and conference proceedings. His engagement extends to memberships within the scientific and program committees of several conferences.


"5th International Conference on Central European Critical Infrastructure Protection" Brief introduction and purpose of the conference.
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