The Chief Patron and Plenary Speakers

Assoc. Prof. Ing- Lucia Figuli, PhD

University of Žilina, Faculty of Security Engineering, Žilina, Slovak Republic

Plenary Speaker



Lucia Figuli is associate professor at the Department of Security Management at University of Žilina, Faculty of Security Engineering, Slovak Republic, where she chairs the courses oriented to the security and structural engineering (PhD degree in 2009, born 1982). She is a member of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme´s Independent Scientific Evaluation Group, she is an evaluator of various international projects (Erasmus+, Slovak research and development agency, Croatian science foundation, European Comission, etc.). Co-author of more than 80 peer-reviewed publications. Editor for the open access "International Journal of Structural Glass and Advanced Materials Research" (SGAMR), Soft Target Protection: Theoretical Basis and Practical Measures, Structural and Mechanical Engineering for Security and Prevention, Advancements in Design and Analysis of Protective Structures. She deals in her research activities with the protection of critical infrastructure elements from the structural aspects



"5th International Conference on Central European Critical Infrastructure Protection" Brief introduction and purpose of the conference.
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